Prayers for Peacemakers, October 23, 2013


Prayers for Peacemakers, October 23, 2013

Pray for Hussein Hama Ali Tawfiq, a political prisoner in Iraqi
Kurdistan, that his case would be thoroughly investigated, including injuries he has
suffered in prison. Give thanks for Sami Rasouli, one of the founders of CPT partner Muslim
Peacemaker Teams, who received an honor from the Hawkinson Foundation for Peace and


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Septermber Supper Fundraiser

Will you host a dinner party for CPT?

CPT really needs your support in raising $10k in September. Unfortunately, we are behind our financial targets and need your help. We want to dedicate the month of September to bringing people together around the dinner table. You can choose the date, who you invite and what you cook (though our teams have some great recipes prepared!) We’d love to hear if you’d be interested. 

There’s no commitment needed at this stage.

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