BORDERLANDS: CPT announces delegation 18-28 February 2014


9 December 2013
BORDERLANDS: CPT announces delegation 18-28 February 2014

 Witness the impact of immigration enforcement in the
U.S.-Mexico borderlands where foreign policy masquerades as domestic and foists
life and death decisions upon our neighbors, relatives, and friends, placing them
in vulnerable and volatile situations. 
One hundred-eighty-two bodies were recovered in the Tucson Sector of the
border alone this last fiscal year.

Journey with us through this zone of conflict, the gauntlet
of the Sonoran desert, part of the lethal continuum that our neighbors from
Latin America travel to reach the fields, factories and detention centers of
the U.S.  Come to observe, query,
discern, contribute, learn, and then take home the story of human struggle and

Through the borderlands lens, we will examine how
immigration reform does and does not affect our neighbors and ourselves
wherever we live in the U.S.  We
will meet some of those directly affected by public policy—migrants, local
residents, activists, and law enforcement personnel.  We will walk desert trails, visit sites that include
detention centers, human resource centers, and cooperatives, traveling back and
forth across the border.  We will
see first hand the impact of militarism on our neighbors and the border

 February is reasonably mild in the region—cool nights and warm,
dry days.  Prepare for moderate
level trail walking.  A passport or
border card is essential for this delegation.  Spanish is helpful but not required.

include the cost of travel to Tucson, Arizona.

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