COLOMBIA POEM/VIDEO: What’s your story?


16 June 2014
COLOMBIA POEM/VIDEO: What’s your story?

by Jhon Henry Camargo Varela


¿Cuál es tu historia? from CPT/ECAP Colombia
on Vimeo.



Where are you coming from, my brother?

Who took away your land and sent the police after you?

Hasn’t the pain left a wound,

Or have you left your soul on your land?


Isn’t it enough to be a repressed woman

who has dedicated herself to harvesting pain?

You are a victim of killer bullets,

shots from the thugs of this terrible oligarchy.


Farmers from faraway lands, to what have you dedicated your life?

To be a victim of the company that has ruined your life?

There is no solace in your gaze, today your life is over

because you’ve been condemned to begging.


An Afro-Colombian from repressed lands

your life has been marked with constant disgraces.

They killed your family for catching fish

saying that they only wanted to better your life.


Today our indigenous peoples walk with their heads held high,

because they demanded respect for their reserves and their lives.

They are the possessors of all the wisdom

but have been killed because they will not support the lies.


Where are you coming from my brother

And how can I cure you?

If the pain is so much

which today destroys your life,

let me harvest

all of this lived experience

to speak to the people

who are still asleep


Peace is impossible,

and let no president tell you otherwise

while there are still assassinations

of blacks, indigenous, and farmers.


Watching Colombia wash over

with rivers of vivid blood,

we are so tired of this

in my beloved country.


The blood that is now being spilled

is that of women, men, and children

who fought with respect

for what is just and what is worthy.


They demanded with care

the land on which they’ve lived.

And they do not wish for their children

cement, smoke, and cold.


That’s why, my brother

I invite you to vote

remembering always your territory and your children

without forgetting of course any of our faraway brothers

who, like many in Colombia, are without a place to call home.


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