ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Take Action with Grassy Narrows


18 July 2014
ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Take Action with Grassy Narrows

by Peter Haresnape


The recent Canadian Supreme Court
does not affect
the current five-year plan of Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) for
the Whiskey Jack Forest.  This plan
initially made provisions for logging to resume as early as 1 April 2014,
within Grassy Narrows’ traditional territory. It does not have the consent of
the people of Grassy Narrows.  Following
criticism, MNR minister David Orazietti postponed the imposition of clear-cut logging for at
least a year.

logging has already destroyed large areas of forest and impacted the
traditional hunting and trapping practices of the Grassy Narrows
community.  Supporters in the Toronto,
Ontario area can directly support Grassy Narrows by participating in ‘River Run’ activities scheduled 28-31 July.  The events will focus on pressuring the
Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne to correct the continuing perversions of
justice that affect the community.

River Run
events include a press conference, public speaking events to educate people
from southern Ontario about Grassy Narrows’ struggle with mercury poisoning and
opposition to the proposed clear-cut logging as well as a march of hundreds to
Queen’s Park, to present the demands of the Grassy Narrows community.  The Grassy Narrows Women’s Drum Group
will lead the week’s activities.

CPT remains
committed to the community.  Currently
CPT brings delegations of supporters to Treaty 3 territory
to learn the history of resistance to clear-cut logging without community
consent. Delegates also explore the impact of colonialism and capitalism on
indigenous communities, with the intention of sharing these insights and
mobilising their own communities to support indigenous justice issues,
including those affecting Grassy Narrows.

For the
upcoming 8-18 August delegation and the 26 September-6 October delegation, the
news will prompt renewed strategising with Grassy Narrows and allies, but the
core purpose remains the demonstration of continued international solidarity
with Grassy Narrows’ right to say no to logging. 

Interested?  We invite you to join us.  Apply for the August delegation here.


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