Prayers for Peacemakers May 4, 2016 Light a Candle in Solidarity with Alvaro Garcia


Prayers for Peacemakers May 4, 2016 Light a Candle in
Solidarity with Alvaro Garcia

Christian Peacemaker Teams Colombia is asking for your
prayers and action in support of Alvaro Garcia, arrested as part of the ongoing
persecution of the farming communities of El Guayabo and Bella Unión.  For background on his arrest, and the authorities’
collusion with a wealthy landowner involved in the communities’ persecution, click

At 10:00 a.m. on Thursday 5 May, members of El Guayabo and
Bella Unión are gathering in front of the courthouse in Barrancabermeja
alongside their supporting organizations to demand transparency and fairness
from authorities and to insist on an end to the stigmatization of small farmers
as guerilla supporters.  The action will
include testimonies, prayer, and lighting candles as a symbol of truth and
hope. Afterwards, members of the communities will travel to the jail where the
authorities are imprisoning Alvaro Garcia for a liturgical ceremony in hope
that Alvaro will hear them. 

On Thursday, take action by lighting a candle to stand in
solidarity with Alvaro Garcia. Post your image on FacebookTwitter, or email it
to us. Use the hashtag #LibertadparaAlvaro.



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