Prayers for Peacemakers, 20 July 2017


for Peacemakers, 20 July 2017

for freedom and protection for three young men at risk of deportation
from Lesbos, Greece, who have been on a hunger strike for over three weeks.

we would like to carry in our prayers Amir Hampay from Iran and
Hussein Kozhin and Aresh Bahroz from Iraq who Greek police has held
in detention for nearly three months while preparing to deport them from
Lesbos. Amir as a political freedom activist faces decades of
imprisonment, torture and, very likely, an execution by hanging, if
returned to Iran. 23 days ago the three friends began a hunger
strike. They ask for political protection and reversal of the
deportation order. Their health condition is deteriorating.

act of solidarity and love, Amir’s brother Arash Hampay has also
begun a hunger strike in a public square of Mytilene, the capital of
Lesbos. Today marks the 22nd day of his hunger strike. Arash asks for
a release of his brother and friends.

Christian Peacemaker Teams
Mediterranean team on Lesbos accompanies Arash. Other people, including the CPT team on Lesbos, are also
joining in solidarity with Amir, Hussein and Aresh by doing a symbolic 24-hours-long fast.

Please consider joining as well.

Arash and a woman holding pictures and a solidarity banner


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