Prayers for Peacemakers, 14 March 2018 Lesvos


Prayers for Peacemakers,  14 March 2018   Lesvos



Pray for the safety of the 400 migrants who arrived on Lesvos last
week, and for the authorities to extend them the kindness and care they
need.  Migrants who come to the island
and are put in the Moria concentration camp do not receive the medical
treatment that people who have made such a difficult journey following severe
experiences of violence should get.

Pray for the migrants and inhabitants of islands who fell victim to the unfair
and unlawful deal between Turkey and the EU, which resulted in the heavy
militarisation of the artificial borders in the Aegean Sea. Thousands of migrants
and refugees are stranded in a situation of constant limbo because of the
EU-Turkey deal.

Pray for the participants in the Convergence of CPT-Europe that starts today on
Lesvos, so that they have clarity and wisdom to make right decisions.


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