CPT INTERNATIONAL: APPLY NOW for summer Colombia and Indigenous Peoples Solidarity delegations


4 May 2018
CPT INTERNATIONAL:  APPLY NOW for summer Colombia and Indigenous Peoples Solidarity delegations



The Christian Peacemaker Team Colombia and Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Delegations still have openings! 


Get your application in for the June 26-July 6, 2018 Colombia delegation by May 26.

The Magdalena Medio is a region rich in renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Due to its richness and strategic position in the country, the city of Barrancabermeja and the Magdalena Medio region have suffered high levels of violence. Massacres and forced displacements left whole communities uprooted where criminal interests took advantage to take the lands and develop their economic projects.

Armed groups and paramilitaries control Barrancabermeja and the region. High levels of unemployment and poverty have created a situation where young people see no other options but to get involved with these groups. When judicial efforts to evict communities from their lands do not work, paramilitary groups are used to threaten them.

Join the delegation to learn how national agrarian policies of development violate the human rights of campesinxs. Delve into the history of the armed conflict and learn how its legacy continues to haunt campesinxs through violence and lack of access to fair judicial processes.

Listen to their stories and songs of resistance and be inspired to take solidarity action.


Click here to apply.


Get your application in for the July 20-30, 2018 Indigenous Peoples Solidarity delegation by June 20.

Find out what it means to be an ally to indigenous communities engaged in healing, resisting colonialism and struggling for sovereignty.

Corporate clear-cut logging of Asubpeeschoseewagong traditional territory has destroyed hunting, trapping, food and medicine gathering activities. Residential schools have profoundly affected both families and communities. Mercury contamination found over forty years ago still continues poisoning the residents in the area.

Explore what it means to live in right relationship with the earth and each other. From a base in the city of Kenora, delegations will meet with leaders of Asubpeeschoseewagong people, indigenous and non-residents. Delegates undertake an analysis of colonialism, participate in undoing racism trainings, and learn about being allies to address the problems of structured violence though nonviolent actions.

This delegation will have a special focus on the experience of Indigenous women. On last few days of the delegation, participants will attend the Grassy Narrows Women’s Gathering. Female-identified persons are encouraged to apply for this particular delegation, but there is still much learning and activity involved for male-identified and non-binary people.

FUNDRAISING EXPECTATION: $800 Canadian Dollars, which does NOT include the cost of travel to Kenora, Ontario, Canada.


Click here to apply.

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