Prayers for Peacemakers, 3 October 2018 Indigenous Peoples Solidarity



Spirit of the Buffalo Camp, Gretna/Manitoba, Canada-US Border


We ask you for your prayers, thoughts, words, and actions for the Indigenous peoples and their settler allies who are organizing resistance against another major oil pipeline—Enbridge’s Line 3— going through Indigenous lands passing from Canada through the U.S.


The pipeline is cutting through the lands of several Indigenous nations and waterways from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin to increase its transport capacity of diluted tar sands bitumen to 915,000 barrels per day. Of particular concern, is the replacement program that will traverse the wild rice beds, waters, and land of Ojibwe Tribes in Minnesota without their free, prior, and informed consent.

Line 3 and other oil development projects pose danger not only to the land-based lifeways, but also regressive steps further entrenching us in the fossil fuel economy and poisoning the air and water we need for our survival.

We pray for physical and emotional strength for our partners during this time of resistance. 

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