COLOMBIA| Making possible what seemed impossible—the Colombian government puts Las Pavas on the map


A few community leaders celebrate the sign with Las Pavas on map

“I want to thank God and all our accompaniers because, with your help, we have made possible what was believed to be impossible,” says Don Misael Payares, leader of the community of Las Pavas. “I am really happy. I share with all of you this joy and emotion.”

The community of Las Pavas has gone through bitter times in recent decades. However, the profound conviction in their right to the land they cultivate, the unwavering defense of life and their deep faith in God has kept them in the territory.

Now is a time of celebration for the community of Las Pavas and for ASOCAB, the association in the region that brings together the campesinxs. On 14 and 15 June 2019, the National Lands Agency (ANT) arrived in the community with a commission accompanied by the United Nations to define the borders that have been declared state land. These properties “are registered in the name of the nation and, therefore, it is the responsibility of the ANT to administer them,” said the community lawyer, Jorge Niño. “Thanks to God and everyone’s effort we are seeing that the miracle is coming to fruition. May God continue to bless this project,” said Eliud Alvear, one of the leaders of the community.

In the words of the lawyer, “the work day with the ANT and U.N. was a success, it was a great day that strengthens them in faith and hope and motivates them to continue defending their territory. Congratulations to all of you because with your contributions and accompaniment you have contributed to making this dream a reality so we can see ASOCAB in their land very soon.”



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