Prayers for Peacemakers 31 July 2019  Colombia


Please join us in prayer for our partners in the town of Micoahumado. Last week community leaders from all over the south of Bolivar gathered to discuss strategies on how to move forward given the ongoing violations of human rights they witness in their towns. They decided to select a small delegation to present their situation to a panel of government officials, including the Minister of the Interior. The presentation to the panel went well, but those in a decision-making position require more pressure. It is the hope of our partners and the hope of Christian Peacemaker Teams that these officials will offer immediate attention to the extremely risky situation for the community of Micoahumado.

Pray for wisdom, strength, endurance, and the coming of true positive peace for all the communities in the south of Bolivar, including Micoahumado.

Pray that the hearts of the government officials will be filled with compassion so that they offer mercy and justice to these communities.

Let’s turn these prayers into action! Will you join us in pressuring these officials? Click the link below to learn more about Micoahumado and SIGN OUR PETITION.



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