Prayers for Peacemakers 26 August 2020 Borderlands


  • Pray that the power of fear that causes us to build walls will lose its grip.
  • Pray for the healing of the scar on God’s holy ground.
  • Pray that we can learn to respect all people and all living things.
  • Pray for the migrants who encounter walls of hostility along their journey, and mourn the loss of those who die in the desert because of this wall.
  • Grieve the misuse of financial resources that could be better spent.
  • Help us practice hospitality to overcome violence, and teach us the power of sharing that we may defeat the power of greed.
  • Break down the wall in our heart that keeps us from loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, and help us take action to break down the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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Dozens of people crowd toward the entrance of a checkpoint, waiting for Israeli military to open the gate.

Privilege of movement

Basic freedom of movement in Palestine—walking to the grocery store, driving to visit family, or flying internationally—depends on your nationality, race, and religion. As a Palestinian, you are denied these rights as others in your country move freely.

A person wearing a red CPT vest walks along a road with the apartheid wall to their right, covered in graffiti and towering over them.

Dear White Supremacist

CPT Palestine team members engaged in a friendly and introductory conversation with a white person, but it took an unexpected turn.

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After the 2020 fire in Moria

Six young migrants are made scapegoats of a failed EU migration policy – Call for fair and transparent trial for the Moria 6 on 6 March 2023 in Lesvos! 

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