Prayers for Peacemakers 26 August 2020 Borderlands

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  • Pray that the power of fear that causes us to build walls will lose its grip.
  • Pray for the healing of the scar on God’s holy ground.
  • Pray that we can learn to respect all people and all living things.
  • Pray for the migrants who encounter walls of hostility along their journey, and mourn the loss of those who die in the desert because of this wall.
  • Grieve the misuse of financial resources that could be better spent.
  • Help us practice hospitality to overcome violence, and teach us the power of sharing that we may defeat the power of greed.
  • Break down the wall in our heart that keeps us from loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, and help us take action to break down the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

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A picture of a crowd from behind marching in a demonstration on a street

Which side are we on?

We stood alongside those with whom we have our disagreements but who share the position that there should be no ‘camps’ because camps are prisons. But we also stood amongst our opposition, those who do not want camps because they can’t stand the people in them.