Hebron: Closing Doors, Opening Windows


In August, after 13 years of peacemaking ministry based in the Old City of Hebron, CPT had to make the difficult decision to close that team site.  The Hebron team has been short on full-time CPTers for many months.  We covered the work with more help from Reservists knowing that this was not a sustainable long-term option.

Even with the closing of doors in Hebron, CPT remains committed to Palestine.  A strong team in At-Tuwani continues to partner with Palestinian communities engaged in nonviolent resistance in the South Hebron Hills.  And we are opening windows – exploring possibilities for renewed, refocused work in support of organized, nonviolent Palestinian movements, either in Hebron or elsewhere in Palestine, when long-term full-time staffing permits.

As an organization, we have expanded outreach efforts and ask that you join us in calling new people into this work.  We are all working hard to address oppressions within CPT, such as racism and sexism, and to nurture conditions for healthy team life.

We want to honor our Palestinian friends and partners for their loving spirits and incredible hospitality always.  Palestinians say “Whoever lives 40 days with a community becomes one of them.”  We’ve spent more than 4000 days in Hebron, and have always felt welcomed as family.  We’ve shared many tears of sadness and joy, and dipped our fingers into many maqloobeh (traditional Palestinian dish) platters together. 

We also celebrate the CPTers who have dedicated so much of themselves to this team over the years; we thank the many supporters who faithfully undergird this ministry with prayers, money and action; and we trust the God of Resurrection to show us the way forward.

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