At-Tuwani: “A Dangerous Journey”

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A new report by CPT and partner organization
Operation Dove about the Israeli military escort of Palestinian
children to school in At-Tuwani during the 2007-2008 school year
documents a series of violent settler attacks on the children and the
Israeli military’s lackadaisical response to them.

The Israeli Knesset mandated the military escort of
the schoolchildren in 2004 following settler attacks on the children
and internationals accompanying them on the public road that passes
between Ma’on settlement and its outpost on Hill 833. 

The report “A Dangerous Journey: Settler violence
against Palestinian schoolchildren under Israeli military escort”
describes the daily journey of the children from neighboring villages
to and from their school in At-Tuwani.  It concludes, “Nearly
four years after the Israeli military’s agreement to provide an
escort, and the affirmation of this agreement by the Knesset
Committee for Children’s Rights, the situation of the children …has
worsened.  The children continue to be harassed and attacked by
Israeli settlers … The Israeli military, which was given a mandate
to ensure the safety of the children, has consistently failed to do

The report, including photos, is available at

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