Prayers for Peacemakers 12 January 2022 

Pray for those whose homes were demolished and those who were displaced by the fear of wars
A soldier stands on the left in the forefront, wearing a combat helmet and a mask and sunglasses. In the background, several pieces of large machinery destroy a building, black smoke and dust rise from it. A group of people stand to the right, watching.

Home demolitions, wars, occupation, poverty, homelessness, refugees and migrants. Many events have occurred that have led to the destruction and displacement of entire families who now have no shelter except the street. Maybe a family has a tent donated by charitable or international organizations in an attempt to shelter them and offer some food to quench their hunger. 

In this freezing cold, let us restore our humanity and pray for those who still haven’t found a home, for those whose homes were demolished and those who were displaced by the fear of wars. Let us pray for those who do not find shelter for their young children in this cold. Let us recognize our humanity and pray for them.

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migrants handprints in red and blue paint cover a white wall

Guarantee the human right to movement

Pray that migrants may safely make their journeys towards a better life and that governments will choose to guarantee the human right to movement.

Mail Alert

We want to inform our constituents about interruptions to both Canadian and US mail services.

As global capitalism continues to exploit, Canada is seeing an increase of folks sleeping on the street. In Toronto, there is a growing encampment on the church property where our office is located. CPT is in solidarity with residents of the encampment.  Unfortunately, some Canada Post workers have since refused to deliver mail to our office. We are unsure if the mail is being stored somewhere or will be returned to sender. To ensure your donations make it to CPT, now would be a good time to switch to online donations, if you are able.  

In the US, postal services have been increasingly unreliable. If you are able, we encourage you to consider a monthly online giving plan which you can easily set up.

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