When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty

We pray for the Palestinians who resist the occupation and we remember the Palestinians who have been executed without charge or trial.
Funeral procession for three Palestinian youth murdered by Israeli occupation forces
The funeral procession through the streets of Nablus for Adham Mabrouk, Mohammad Al Dakheel and Ibrahim Nabulsi. Image from ActiveStills.org

On Tuesday, 8 February, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) assassinated three Palestinian youth, Adham Mabrouk, Mohammad Al Dakheel and Ibrahim Nabulsi, in the northern Palestinian city of Nablus. The army claims that they were recently involved in several shootings against the Israeli military.

They lived under illegal military rule, and they were given no trial or charges. They were assassinated in broad daylight by special forces. In one minute of shooting, the Israeli forces used 80 bullets, ending their lives.

When you live under military occupation and are subjected to injustice daily, resistance becomes a duty. The world is watching the suffering of Palestinians by Israeli war crimes committed every day, but the world does nothing, giving impunity to the occupier.

This immunity power awarded to the occupation allows them to do whatever they want. The Israeli occupation violates all the international and humanitarian laws, terrorizes people, arrests children, and executes people in the middle of the day. 

Resisting the injustice has become harder and harder while the world supports the occupier. Any form of resistance used by Palestinians has become controversial not because it violates international law but because it goes against the narratives of power.

While people around the world live normal lives and enjoy their fundamental human rights, Palestinians are resisting every day in all possible ways to have those rights. Every new crime committed against Palestinians generates more and more resistance.

The occupation will end sooner or later; through history we have learned that nothing lasts forever.

May Adham, Mohammad, and Ibrahim’s souls rest in power.

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