Masked men attack Kurdish activist

Please pray for Kurdish activist Kak Aram who continues to speak out against injustices despite threats against his life.
Four CPTers sit with Kak Aram at a restaurant table
Members of CPT meet with Kak Aram after the attack.

Kak Aram was attacked on 26 February by four masked men who pulled him out of his car, tied his hands and feet, and then stabbed him 17 times in the abdomen. In recent months, he has received several death threats warning him to stop his activism and speaking out against gender violence, environmental pollution, and political corruption. Pray that Kak Aram continues to heal from the physical and psychological trauma he suffered from this assault.   

On 11 April, the CPT Iraqi Kurdistan team met with Kak Aram in his tea shop in Kalar, where he shared about this traumatic attack on his life.

We offer gratitude for Kak Aram’s work and all the courageous activists and independent journalists in Iraqi Kurdistan who dare to confront political oppression and war targeting innocent people. Kak Aram and many activists and journalists receive regular threats against their lives or are subjected to arrest and imprisonment.  

In the work of CPT Iraqi Kurdistan, our priorities include “Accompanying human rights defenders and civil initiatives standing against oppression,” and we are dedicated to the struggle for freedom of speech and civil society organizing that Kak Aram and others are fighting with their lives. 

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