Sherwan Taha – A Civil Rights Activist

people at a protest holding sheets of paper with signs

We’d like to introduce you to Sherwan Taha – a Civil Rights activist, university lecturer, Badinan prisoner and partner of CPT.  

On 5 September 2020, Sherwan was one of nine civil society activists and journalists unjustly imprisoned by security forces following a crackdown on freedom of expression in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). These nine  became known as the Badinan Prisoners.

“I hope that CPT’s work could be increased to reach [all] vulnerable people, not only in the Kurdistan region, but everywhere in the world.” 

While imprisoned at the Erbil Asaish prison, Sherwan was denied access to lawyers and family visits. On the day he was arrested, Sherwan’s mother came to the prison to try and see her son, but was not allowed to meet with him. The next day she died from a heart attack. In protest of his rights being denied and poor treatment, Sherwan took part in a hunger strike. 

Sherwan was imprisoned until his release on 10 April 2022. The CPT Iraqi Kurdistan team has accompanied Sherwan throughout his imprisonment, trial, and since his release. Hear from Sherwan in his own words:

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