Report on the social and economic situation of El Guayabo

Chronicles of an announced humanitarian crisis between July 2022 and March 2023

El Guayabo is a small humble farming community that has faced forced evictions, threats, judicial persecution, and physical and emotional violence by legal and illegal armed groups, as well as painful state abandonment. In addition, in 2022, the rainy season lasted for nine months, flooding their fields and destroying crops and pasture land, which their animals depend on. They were left with little capacity to sustain themselves, and now they find themselves in a severe humanitarian crisis that has them on the brink of starvation.

This report arises from the need to demonstrate the state’s historical abandonment of El Guayabo and the issues that prevent the community from living with dignity and peace

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We ask that the national and local governments take joint actions to address the humanitarian crisis. These actions must go hand in hand with the measures being taken to repair the damage the river has caused.

We ask the government to take actions that allow the community of El Guayabo to remedy the historical damage caused by state abandonment and that have deepened with the current humanitarian crisis.

We ask the Puerto Wilches administration to establish more fluid communication with the communities, allowing them to create joint strategies to address the humanitarian crisis.

We ask the national government and its institutions to address the environmental situation that caused the retaining wall breach.

We ask for financial support from the national government to ensure the community has the essential resources to sustain itself until the crisis is overcome.

Download the Report

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