Crossing the Aegean

The podcast project envisions a transnational Aegean that opposes xenophobia, racism, and anti-migrant rhetoric stemming from the concept of national borders.

CPT Aeagan Migrant Solidarity, in collaboration with the Lesvos Legal Center and Hafiza Merkezi, just launched a new podcast, ‘Crossing the Aegean.’

The podcast delves into the 1923 Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey, a landmark event a century ago. The podcast series will feature interviews with academics and activists specializing in the history of exchange, transnational migration, and critical refugee studies. Additionally, we will hear from individuals who recount their family’s history of forced migration, allowing them to shape and reconstruct their family narratives. We will explore how they make sense of their families’ forced migration experiences and how it influences their perspectives on refugeeness today.

New episodes will be available every other Tuesday on Spotify.

The episodes are also available in Greek and Turkish.

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