CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPT-Colombia to offer Palm Sunday worship materials


14 January 2011
CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPT-Colombia to offer Palm Sunday worship materials

For Palm Sunday 2011, Christian Peacemaker Teams invites churches to pray and
act in solidarity with Colombians displaced by oil palm plantations.

 CPT Colombia will offer a litany and other resources for
worship, action and prayer that allow worshipers to hear echoes of Jesus’ entry
into Jerusalem—and the events that soon followed—in the lives, struggles and
deaths of people affected by Oil Palm and other industries that continue unjustly
to remove them from their lands in Colombia and elsewhere.

Just as Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem brought wrath from governors and priests,
to this day people’s just claims to a life with dignity on the land are taken
as threats by the Powers that Be.  Aware of the opposition, persecution,
and death they face, people from around the world are joining Jesus in publicly
denouncing the den of thieves.  In Colombia, forty-five people have been
killed since 2002 while trying to return to lands seized for corporate pillage;
tens of thousands have been forcibly disappeared and four million displaced in
the country’s armed conflict.  

The bittersweet triumphal entries continue.  How will
the story end?

Materials, currently being developed, will be available through CPT’s web site.
 For more details, contact Duane Ediger (duane.ediger@prodigy.net <mailto:duane.ediger@prodigy.net>


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