GERMANY: First CPT-Europe Convergence to take place 25-27 March 2011.


8 February 2011
CPT-Europe Convergence to take place 25-27 March 2011.


March 25-27, 2011, the first Christian Peacemaker Teams’
“European Regional Convergence” will be hosted by the Berlin Mennonite
congregation.  For two days, CPT
Corps members and supporters from several European countries will pray
together, exchange thoughts and views, and participate in a public witness.  CPT Corps members will arrive one day
earlier to discuss issues of oppression, outreach opportunities, and strategies
in an expanding CPT.

“I am excited about the Berlin Convergence,” says Peter
Haresnape, a member of CPT’s Aboriginal Justice team whose home is in Ely,
England.  He says the meeting will
be “a place where we can share hope, refuel our faith, and develop
relationships of love…  I anticipate
having my vision sharpened for future work in Europe, and for the future work
of European CPTers,” he says.
The convergence will be the first CPT event of its kind in Europe.  The continent is currently home to nineteen
CPTers, spread out over the United Kingdom, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany,
the Czech Republic, and Italy.  

 “I’m standing on tip toe to see how God will bring forth a new
thing as you converge,” says CPT co-director Carol Rose.  “What patterns will God weave through
you to sustain and grow strong and graceful allies for gutsy active wise ones
all over the world?”

The German Mennonite Peace Committee (DMFK) has provided key support in the
organization of the Convergence.  “
Originally, the event was planned for those already involved with CPT,” says
Marius van Hoogstraten of DMFK.  “But
it is also a great opportunity for members of the general public to learn more
about our work in the field through CPTers’ first-hand experiences on team.”  (Van Hoogstraten trained with Haresnape
in CPT’s first European regional training and is now a reservist on the Iraq

Participants in the Convergence, which will be held in English, will attend
their meetings at Menno-Heim, Promenadestrasse 15b Berlin.  Registration and more information are
available at cpt [at] dmfk [dot] de

 CPTers active in Germany have recently announced they will
lead a German-language delegation to Palestine, which will make becoming a
CPTer easier for those who are less comfortable with the English language.  All CPTers must have a CPT delegation
experience, before they go through training.

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