AL-KHALIL/HEBRON: New video highlights the work of CPT Palestine



17 May 2011

AL-KHALIL/HEBRON: New video highlights the work of CPT Palestine

“I consider the presence of CPT really something great. They support the Palestinians and the nonviolent resistance,” says CPT South Hebron Hills partner Hafez Hereini in the new video, “An Introduction to CPT Palestine.” 

Produced, filmed and edited by journalist Catherine Rabenstine, the nine-minute film features CPT’s Palestinian partners who nonviolently resist the Israeli military occupation in Hebron/Al Khalil and the South Hebron Hills. Rabenstine also interviews CPT Palestine members who describe their work and their partnership with Palestinians practicing “sumoud,” or steadfastness, in raising their families, going to school and laboring daily in the face of enormous systematic violence imposed by the Israeli Occupation.

Referring to CPT’s newly energized emphasis on advocacy, of which this film is
a part, CPTer Melanie Southworth notes in the video, “When you go to your
home communities, they believe you because you saw it with your own eyes. You
have proof and you have stories. I think the best gift you can give someone at
home is the gift of the truth of what’s happening here.”

The video is available for download or on a CD. Those who wish to receive a CD
of the film may contact
The video is currently available on YouTube:


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