AT-TUWANI: Israeli intelligence, backed by military, threatens villagers



27 May 2011 

AT-TUWANI:  Israeli intelligence, backed by military,
threatens villagers

On Monday, 23 May,
Israeli intelligence entered At-Tuwani, escorted by about fifteen soldiers. In
the operation the Israeli military invaded a local leader’s house, demanded
that villagers stop their nonviolent resistance, and threatened violent
retaliation if the Palestinians persist asserting their rights to the land. 

See video of the incident at

At around 7 pm,
two military vehicles and about fifteen soldiers on foot entered the village.
Soldiers first invaded the house of one of the community’s nonviolent
resistance leaders. Soldiers searched rooms and the surroundings at gunpoint.
At the same time four men in civilian clothes, but with military gear and
assault rifles, systematically approached local adult men and began questioning
them. The four men, later identified as intelligence agents, asked for
addresses, phone numbers, places of employments and other personal details.

personnel also interrogated villagers about recent demonstrations and direct
actions carried out by the community, and demanded that Palestinians cease
their nonviolent resistance. “Do you want to become the father of a martyr?”
They asked one of the village leaders, hinting that the occupation forces might
retaliate on his children.

Neither soldiers
nor intelligence officers gave any reason for the military operation and the
prolonged interference in people’s privacy and security. When asked why they
were in the village the armed men responded only, “It’s our job.” Agents also
requested that internationals refrain from taking any pictures of the unfolding
events but presented no warrants or identification. The intelligence personnel
threatened to call the police to arrest the internationals. The operation
lasted over two hours.

See more photos of the incident at:

Operation Dove
and Christian Peacemaker Teams have maintained an international presence in
At-Tuwani and South Hebron Hills since 2004.

Follow breaking
news from the South Hebron Hills on Twitter @cptpalestine.



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