COLOMBIA URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Media glossing over the murders of sixteen people in the last week.


24 August 2011
murders of sixteen people in the last week.

The foreign and Colombian media are portraying Colombia as a
nation at peace while it hosts the FIFA (Fédération
Internationale de Football Association) U-20 games.  Unfortunately, the media are glossing
over some of violent episodes that have occurred over the last week.  Below are a few examples, mostly from
the regions where CPT’s Colombia team works:

  • A group of hit men assassinated a fifteen-year-old
    boy in Barrancabermeja on 13 August and injured a fifty-six-year-old man as
  • Jarlinson Andrés Guzmán Muñoz, a twenty-three-year-old
    motorcycle-taxi driver of Barrancabermeja left his home on 13 August and never
  • In the Santander Department’s municipality of
    San Pablo,  members allegedly
    belonging to the ELN guerilla group massacred four men on 14 August.  The victims were found shot to death on
    a road forty minutes outside the town center.
  • Two unidentified men on a motorcycle killed
    Fernando Peña Betancourt of Barrancabermeja on 16 August by shooting him in the
  • A shootout at a bar injured three young men,
    including a seventeen-year-old in Barrancabermeja on 17 August.
  • Three young men were massacred on 17 August in
    the Sur de Bolivar Department.  A
    group of twenty armed men who identified themselves as the paramilitary group
    las Aguilas Negras entered the community and killed Pedro Sierra.  They tortured and cut the tongues out of
    Ivan Serrano and Luis Albeiro and killed them as well.
  • On 19 August, five men and one woman were found
    shot to death in a car in the Department Valle de Cauca.

These murders clearly indicate that Colombia is under the
grip of organized armed violence.  In
a country where only a small percentage of crimes reach a conviction in court,
most, if not all of the families involved will never see justice for their
loved ones.

 CPT Colombia asks for prayers for these people who have lost
their lives or their loved ones.  We
continue to pray for a Colombia and a world where peace and justice

 For more information on the recent work CPT’s Colombia team, click here.


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