PALESTINE: Christians Peacemaker Teams Palestine project seeks peacemakers


25 August 2011
PALESTINE: Christians Peacemaker Teams Palestine project seeks peacemakers

Christian Peacemaker Teams is seeking staff for its two project sites in
Palestine, one in the southern West Bank city of Hebron (Al-Khalil) and the
other twenty-five kilometers (fifteen miles) further south in the village of
At-Tuwani.  For the past few
months, these teams have experienced staff shortages.

Tarek Abuata, CPT Palestine project support coordinator urges prospective
CPTers, “People living in Middle Eastern countries are demanding peace and justice.  New members of CPT’s Palestine team can
become part of that movement by joining a project that has for seventeen years
supported Palestinian-led nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation, and
helped to create a space for peace and justice to grow.”

For those open to serving full or part time with the Palestine team, the
application process is here
Interested persons must first go
on a CPT delegation and then attend a CPT training.  Delegations link communities experiencing violence with
concerned individuals and groups and offer participants a first-hand experience
of CPT’s on-the-ground experiment in active peacemaking.  The next available delegation to
Palestine/Israel takes place 15-28 November 2011.  A further description and listing of delegations is
available here.

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