CPT INTERNATIONAL: Neighborhood peacemaker in Chicago makes connection with international peacemaking


17 September 2011
peacemaker in Chicago makes connection with international peacemaking

can a community organizer from the Austin neighborhood in Chicago learn from
Palestinian and Iraqi peacemakers? In 2005 and 2006, Elce Redmond went on a
delegation with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) to visit peacemakers in Iraq
and Palestine.  Upon
his return, Redmond began organizing the Austin Peaceforce, a multicultural,
multiracial, group composed of parents and community volunteers, trained in
nonviolent strategies and tactics, and deployed to conflicts or potentially
violent areas of the community. Today, they have a regular presence in Austin
area schools  to help reduce
violence and develop relationships with students.

has spent the past twenty-five years working with community groups both locally
and internationally on issues such as the living wage, displacement of public
housing residents, the War in Iraq, disability rights, health care, human
rights, and more. 

we are bombarded with images and stories of violent encounters that have taken
the lives of many people.” said Redmond, “What are the alternatives to the
incessant stream of devastating armed conflicts plaguing many of our
communities? How can we bring peaceful change to our neighborhoods?”

the past twenty-five years, CPT has partnered with nonviolent movements around
the world to transform war and occupation into peace and social justice. CPT
currently has long-term projects in Iraq, Palestine, Colombia, and Canada. The
Peacemaker Congress will celebrate the organization’s 25th anniversary and
explore how to bring this model of non-violent intervention and partnership
with local peacemakers into urban neighborhood conflict zones. 

will present the opening keynote for CPT’s Peacemaker Congress XI-
Re-imaging Partnerships for Peace
: A
25th Anniversary Celebration
The congress begins on the evening of
Thursday, 13 October and runs until noon on Sunday, 16 October 2011.

event is open to the public. More info at
www.cpt.org.  Email timn@cpt.org, or call 773-376-0550.

 Location: Reba Place Church, 533 Custer Ave. Evanston,
Il 60602


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