COLOMBIA: CPT delegation to denounce pending Free Trade Agreement at U.S. Embassy in Bogota


3 October 2011
COLOMBIA: CPT delegation to denounce pending Free Trade Agreement at U.S. Embassy in Bogota

On Tuesday, 4 October 2011, at 2:30 P.M. members of Christian
Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Colombia and CPT delegates will hold a public action
to speak out against the proposed U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement at the United
States Embassy in Bogota

 CPT invites the public to join the delegation in denouncing
the pending U.S. Free Trade Agreement, and in support of the Colombian social
movements working for peace and human rights.

 The presence of multi-national companies, which receive
large land concessions from the Colombian government, has grown since the
recent adoption of Free Trade agreements with Canada and the European Union.  These corporations put Colombians at
risk of displacement in zones targeted for resource exploitation, such as in
southern Bolivar province.  History
has shown that displacement and human rights violations often go hand in hand
with large multi-nationals moving into an area.

 CPT’s Colombia team invites people to be with them in spirit
and prayer as they undertake this public witness in solidarity with ordinary
Colombians whose lives are directly threatened by Free Trade agreements.

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