COLOMBIA: CPT-Colombia releases video of partner communities along the Magdalena river


1 December 2011
COLOMBIA: CPT-Colombia releases video of partner communities
along the Magdalena river

CPT’s Colombia team has released a video depicting the
communities along the Magdalena River with which it works: .

The Struggle On The River Continues from CPT/ECAP Colombia on Vimeo.

 In its accompanying text, the team writes,

CPT Colombia continues to accompany communities affected by violence and
displacement along the River Magdalena. 
Our work is deeply linked to your support.

Give to support the work of peace.

Music: Cancion Protesta, Aterciopelados

Poem: by Manuel Gustavo Chacon Sarmiento. He was an artist, activist, and
member of USO, the oil workers union in Barrancabermeja. He was assassinated on
January 15, 1988.

Little Sad Face

Where are you coming from brother
With pain on your face
Maybe because you’re a campesino
And they repress you
Maybe because you’re a survivor
of the assassin’s bullets
fired by gunmen
of those murderous groups
contracted by the system
to mow down life
and to see flowing through Colombia
rivers with blood of the living.

The blood is of the campesino
men, women, and children
with 22’s on their foreheads
they demanded respect
and rights
to the lovely
to the beautiful
to life
and fairly demanded
the land they deserved.
For this reason brother
They kill you in my country

Where are you coming from brother
and how can I help you
if your suffering is so great
and weighs so heavy on your life
allow me to collect
this lived experience
as an example of this town
and their numb inhabitants
Peace is impossible
while there is oligarchy
and military boots
defending foreigners.


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