CPT INTERNATIONAL: New dates for delegations


3 July, 2012
CPT INTERNATIONAL: New dates for delegations

Three Christian Peacemaker Teams delegations in 2012
have dates changed from those previously announced. 

CPT delegations are short, intensive peacemaking visits to
crisis settings where CPT works. They are open to all interested and prior training
is not required.

The CPT delegation to Colombia previously scheduled for 20 September – 3 October 2012 has been changed to 28 November – 12 December 2012.

  Nailing fear to the cross in Colombia

An insurgency-counterinsurgency war has left over
200,000 Colombians dead and four million displaced since 1964. The delegation
will meet with church, human rights and social justice organizers in Bogotá and
in Barrancabermeja, the Magdalena Medio region’s informal
capitol and the team’s base since its founding in 2001. Delegates will also
spend several days in the countryside. The delegation’s focus will be announced
in coming months.

The dates
of two CPT delegations to Palestine/Israel,
previously scheduled for 2-15 October and 6-19 November 2012, have been
changed. The new dates are 22 October – 4 November
and 19 November – 2 December 2012.

Road closures, home
invasions, checkpoints, and the presence of militant Israeli settlers near
Palestinian villages continue to threaten Palestinian human rights, and Israel’s separation barrier (much
of it built on confiscated Palestinian land) continues to separate Palestinian
communities from each other and from ordinary Israelis and Palestinians seeking
to come together for peace. CPT delegation members will gain a perspective on
how these issues affect daily life, and will experience the power of
Palestinian and Israeli citizens overcoming what seem to many to be permanent

Delegates will meet with Palestinian and Israeli
human rights representatives and peace workers in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. They will visit
Palestinian families persisting in their homes and livelihoods that are under
threat from expanding Israeli settlements. They will travel to the city of Al Khalil (Hebron) and the village of At-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills
and experience firsthand CPT’s work alongside Israeli and Palestinian partners.
They will challenge the structural violence of the Occupation through
nonviolent public witness.

Additional opportunities to witness, support and participate
in active peacemaking include delegations to First Nations territory
(Northwestern Ontario)
and Iraqi
. A list of dates and locations,
and other information are available through CPT’s delegations page. Inquiries
may be emailed to the Delegations Coordinator at delegations@cpt.org.

Dates for delegations in 2013 will be announced soon on CPTnet


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