CPT INTERNATIONAL: Co-director transition letter


Dear CPT supporters,

I came on board as the Co-director with Christian Peacemaker Teams into my position in January 2012 with excitement, and vigor, looking forward to a long-term commitment to an organization whose mission, vision and values I respect, cherish and imbibe.  It is with regret that I transition out from my position at the end of September 2012, a decision taken voluntarily and out of my own accord.  The intensively administrative orientation of the Co-director’s responsibilities is not what I envisioned, and has not fed my spirit.  I have discerned and reflected deeply prior to submitting my resignation and take this step with a sense of integrity and honesty to CPT and to myself. 
CPT is well-placed to continue its important work in the capable and experienced hands of Carol Rose, continuing Co-director, and Tim Nafziger, Interim Assistant Director. 
I have been honored by your support during my tenure and thankful for your continued for continued whole-hearted support of CPT.

Merwyn De Mello 


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