AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A walk on the wild side


20 October 2012
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A walk on the wild side

young Palestinian girls took a shortcut to the Old City
of Hebron from their homes on the far side of Shuhada Street, the main street of the Old City which is now an Israeli only street because of the
Israeli colonies established there.

avoid a circuitous route to the Israeli army checkpoint at the far end of the
street, the young teenagers cut through the Muslim cemetery and climbed over
the wall onto the forbidden street.


A six-soldier patrol on Shuhada Street spied them and went into crisis mode. The sacred
space had been violated! The squad immediately surrounded and detained the
dangerous intruders, with snipers kneeling and pointing their guns in all
directions from which any further terrorist attack might arise.

then radioed for military assistance and advice. Two army vehicles responded.
Ten heavily armed Israeli soldiers surrounded the frightened but brave young
Palestinian women and escorted them to the Israeli Border Police at the nearest
checkpoint. Not their problem!

whole entourage reversed direction and proceeded back up Shuhada Street to where an Israeli Police Vehicle was sitting, motor
running. Not their problem either!

Keep going to another checkpoint and call the Palestinian Police to come and
take the disobedient girls. After holding them there for about twenty minutes,
surrounded now by a large crowd of Palestinian onlookers, the Israeli soldiers
finally allowed the dangerous duo to pass through the checkpoint into the hands
of the Palestinian authorities.

Palestinian friend assured us that they would be quickly released without

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