PALESTINE: Palestinian boy hit by settler car


14 February 2013
PALESTINE: Palestinian boy hit by
settler car

On Monday 11 February a settler’s
car hit Jamil Fakhoury, a 9-year-old Palestinian boy, near the Ibrahimi school
in the old city of Hebron.

The incident took place on a
road that only Israeli settlers are allowed to drive on. Children often play on
the sides of that street given its close proximity to the school. The car hit
Jamil after rounding a blind right corner. Settlers often speed around that
corner, veering between lanes and even off the road, ignoring the warning signs
to slow down. One international observer said she was not surprised that an
accident took place given the recklessness of settlers’ driving.


Jamil recalled the incident,
“The settler hit me in my leg while I was riding the bicycle.” Jamil was
knocked off his bike and suffered lacerations on his chin and leg, according to
the medical report. Witnesses said the settler attempted to flee the scene when
a group of Palestinian boys who saw the incident stood in front of his car.
Israeli authorities and an ambulance arrived soon after. Jamil was rushed to
the hospital, and the settler drove to his home.

CPT followed up with Jamil and his family the next
day in the hospital. Although Jamil’s physical injuries were not serious, he
was clearly traumatized. Jamil was released later that day, and his family is
issuing a complaint against the settler. 

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