AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli soldiers render 98-year-old woman unconscious with tear gas


1 July 2013
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli soldiers render 98-year-old woman unconscious with
tear gas

30Junewoman rendered unconsciousOn Sunday 30
June 2014, Soldiers in the occupied Old City (Hebron H2)  neighbourhood of Abu-Hadid, near 30June teargasgrenadecheckpoint
209, randomly  fired tear gas into a house following the throwing of stones
by children in the area.  Rashida
Abed-al-Salam Alkarky, ninety-eight years old, was alone in her room at the
time when the tear gas canister landed near her door. Family members were
unable to get to her room for five minutes because of the teargas and when they
were finally able to reach her, found her collapsed on the floor.  Upon the arrival of Christian Peacemaker
Team members, Alkarky was with her family in another room and was vomiting from
the effects of the tear gas. An ambulance had already arrived at the scene and
administered oxygen. Despite having collapsed after inhaling the tear gas, Alkarky
refused to go to hospital.

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