CPT INTL: And then they attack you and want to burn you


Dear friend of CPT,

you support CPT this month?

We’re approaching the end of our fiscal year on October 31st and we
still need
to raise $55,000 to make our target
for this fiscal year.

partners need our support now more than ever.


Ruins of House burnt down in Las Pavas on September 17.

On September 17, a
home belonging to a member of the Las Pavas community was burnt down
with about 1500 kg of corn stored inside. This act of arson is a
devastating loss for the farmer who lost his home and is just the
latest attack in a campaign of terror by those who want to push them
off their land. With
your support, CPT walks with them
and many other communities in Colombia struggling for a dignified
life on their own land. 


On the same day, September 17, Israeli authorities denied full-time
CPTer Jonathan Brenneman entry into Israel. He
was the third CPTer in three months that the Israeli government has
turned back from their peacemaking work with our Hebron-based team.
Brenneman’s denial of entry came the day after the team witnessed
bomb detonation and machine gun fire in in Firing Zone 918 where the
IDF is trying to displace twelve Palestinian villages. With
your support, CPT walks with them
and the many other communities in Palestine struggling for a
dignified life on their own land.

On September 15, our team in Iraq held a press conference to address
the escalating violence in the lead up to parliamentary elections.
 As part of efforts to reduce violence against those working for
change, the team served as monitors for the parliamentary
elections on September 21. In the weeks before the elections,
of the main opposition party had been repeatedly attacked with
sticks, glass bottles, acid, and even knives and gun shots.  The
team has also been providing support to villagers resisting the
confiscation of their orchards and vineyards
by ExxonMobil. With
your support, CPT walks with them
and the many other communities in Iraqi Kurdistan struggling for
a dignified life on their own land.

1918, Nicholas Klein of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America
said: “First
they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and
want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”

teams and their partnering communities have been ignored and
ridiculed, and are now we are experiencing the attacking and burning
stage. And while our partners don’t need any monuments, we do need
your prayers and financial help to push through this stage so that
justice may roll down like waters. We
cannot do this without you. Can you make a donation today?

Carol Rose
CPT Director


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