Al-Khalil: Boy beaten by soldiers


October 2013
Boy beaten by soldiers

Yesterday, October 22nd, CPT talked
with 15 year old Mohammed (not his real name) in the Alya Hospital in
Al Khalil/Hebron. Mohammed had been beaten by the Israeli military yesterday
for not having an ID.

Palestinians are not
issued ID’s until they reach 16. Mohamed had been beaten in the back
of his head and body by the soldiers who had also used the butts of
their guns. Mohammed subsequently fainted. The military then covered
his body and left him where he had fallen. After a crowd had gathered
and news had spread, Mohammed’s family arrived and got him to the

Mohammed was
severely shaken by the experience, and was awaiting the results of an
x-ray. He complained of having an intense headache.

The beating took
place at the 56 check point which sits between Shuhada Street, under
full Israeli military control, and Bab iZeweyya, under Palestinian
civil control.

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