AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Refusing to be uprooted


23 November 2013
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Refusing to be uprooted

On Friday 22 November 2013 a Palestinian family who were
planting olive trees on their property near the Israeli outpost settlement of
Havat Gal near Hebron asked CPT to accompany them

When the team arrived, a security guard from Havat Gal and
four Israeli soldiers appeared. 
They demanded that the family, CPT, and media personnel leave the area
immediately.  Israeli police then arrived
and after much discussion the family and accompaniers were allowed to proceed
to where the planting was taking place.

 The father of
the family, Badwi Abu Ermaleh, was there, and showed team
members the place where settlers from Havat Gal had uprooted ten new olive
trees the family had planted the day before. He and his sons were replanting

Four Israeli settlers were watching from their newly
constructed cabin on the Palestinian family’s land. Neither they, nor the
soldiers also keeping watch from the hilltop, attempted to approach.

“My father’s father owned this land before more than 100
years,” Bawdi told team members as he showed them the title carefully preserved
in plastic covering.

They will not be uprooted from their land.


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