AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli soldiers detain, abuse Palestinian minor; break hand of young Palestinian man


26 November 2013
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli soldiers
detain, abuse Palestinian minor; break hand of young Palestinian man

On 22 November 2013, two children came to the CPT office in
Hebron’s Old City and informed CPTers that Israeli soldiers had arrested a
fourteen-year-old boy from the internet café in the Old
City and dragged him to the Bab al-Baladiyah, the entrance to the Old City.  Two CPTers went to the location where
Israeli soldiers take people they detain behind a gate and talked to the mother
who said that they had accused the boy of throwing stones.

CPTers called the Palestinian District
Coordination Office
to follow up with the case, and continued to
update the mother.  After three hours,
soldiers released the boy.  When
CPTers spoke with him, he told them, “They dragged me, slapped me on the face,
then let me wait till the Palestinian police came and took me.”


Also on 22 November 2013 Israeli Border Police stopped Ehab
Marwan Al- Karaki and Samer Al Natshehat at Bab Al Baladiyah.

Al- Karaki told CPTers,

They stopped my friend Samer and
body checked him and checked his fist. 
They asked him why he threw stones and he said, “I didn’t.”  Then the border police asked him, “Then
why is your fist wet?  You washed
your hands to remove the stone dust.” 
One of the border police started to shout and curse at him, then asked
him what was in his pocket.  Samer replied,
“It’s my phone,” and the border police slapped him on the face.  As for me, another border police
checked me, asked me to open my legs as much as I could, then he twisted my
hand, I started to yell and tell him that is painful; he stopped then asked me
to open my legs wider till I fell down on the ground.

Afterwards the border police made
me stand up, grabbed me by my head and tried to hit my head across the shop
door, I put my hands up so I could protect my face; it was really scary.  Then he twisted my hand again until he
broke it, I heard the sound of my bones getting broken.  They started to yell and asked us to
leave, and they didn’t check our IDs. 
When they left, I couldn’t walk; I felt dizzy.

His friends took him to the
hospital for X-rays.  Hospital
staff wanted him to stay for twenty-four hours.  However, because the victims of a terrible car accident in
which five young men died came into the Emergency Room while he was there, he
found the atmosphere traumatic and did not want to stay. 

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