CPT INTERNATIONAL: CPT launches Plowing and Planting Campaign; Director Carol Rose announces retirement


10 December 2013
and Planting Campaign; Director Carol Rose announces retirement

On 3 December, CPT launched its
first major gift campaign: Plowing and Planting.  Drawing on the image of swords into plowshares, we are
preparing our field.  Can you join
us?  We have two goals:

 • Plowing under the debt for our
Chicago training center and office.

The building has served us well
since 2010.  Paying off the
remaining debt will free up $15,000 a year over the next four fiscal years.  That amount is the average annual cost
of sustaining one CPTer.  At the
start of the campaign, this debt stood at $69,500.

 • Planting new seeds of
psycho-social care for CPTers.
In 2013, we established a circle of care for
CPTers under trained counselor Karen Brandow. In 2014, we are planning a
weeklong retreat and hope to provide in-person care for our peacemakers in the
field.  Our goal in this area is

Do you know people who might be in a
position to make a major gift to support peacemaking?  Would you consider a gift yourself?  Please email outreach@cpt.org.

Our goal is to raise $110,000 by
August 24, 2014.  Thanks to
generous donors, we have already raised $42,100 in donations and pledges.  As part of the Plowing and Planting
Campaign, outreach coordinator Sarah Thompson, director Carol Rose, assistant
director Tim Nafziger, and reservist King Grossman will be meeting with
prospective donors.

Building partnerships to transform
violence and oppression is crucial to sustain our global community.  Please join us in plowing and planting
for a harvest of peace.


Dear gardeners,

As you read our newsletter, you are
not just looking in on CPT’s garden of peacemaking.  Your hands are in the soil of change.  The warm sun of nonviolence shines on
your shoulders.  The work of
transformation is ours together.  Do
you pray as your eyes walk the rows of these pages?  Do you pick a ripe story and share it with your community?  Will you dig into the action and
advocate for our partners?  What
seeds of growth will you plant in the envelope?  Every gift is essential and treasured.  Most are mustard seeds in the $10s and
$100s.  Larger offerings prepare
the fertile soil where these can grow well.

During 2014, I will finish ten years
cultivating peace as a director of CPT. MY season in this leadership role is ending.  I am delighted with the growth in CPT.
Though next year I will be moving to other work, I will continue, with you, as
part of CPT’s support and action.  I
am waiting in eager expectation to see where the next generation of leadership
will guide us.  And I want you to
help me prepare a welcome gift for them. 
Join us as we plow under CPT’s debt and plant seeds of healthful

With you through the transition,

Carol Rose, Director


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