IRAQI KURDISTAN: Hajji Hussein is free! Thank you for your e-mails


13 December 2013
IRAQI KURDISTAN: Hajji Hussein is free!  Thank you for your e-mails

  Hussein sits with boy on lap

After seventy-nine days in prison and four court hearings, Hajji Hussein has
finally re-united with his family. 
On 9 December 2013, the Criminal Court of Appeal acquitted Hajji Hussein
of all charges brought up against him by the former Director-General of the
Asaish, Hakim Nadir.  The court
acknowledged that a report, which the members of the Human Rights Committee of
the Kurdistan Parliament compiled following a visit with Hajji Hussein in
prison after he was tortured, was sufficient to prove his innocence.  This release marks the second time the
court has acquitted Hussein of the same charges and the second time it has
liberated him from incarceration. 
Together with the first stint he served in prison, he lost over ten
months of his life, and much more, for refusing to give false testimony even
though his inquisitors beat and threatened him.

Members of CPT’s Iraqi Kurdistan team are deeply moved and encouraged by the efforts of Kak
Umer, Hussein’s brother and lawyer, whose tireless work has truly moved
mountains, and they rejoice with the family at the good news.  The team would like to thank everyone who sent out emails,
prayed, shared this story, or performed other actions in support of Hajji
Hussein’s release.


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