CPT INTERNATIONAL: Twelve Peacemakers of Christmas, part 2


8 January 2014
CPT INTERNATIONAL: Twelve peacemakers of Christmas, part 2
by Sarah Thompson, Executive Director*

Completing the list
of peacemakers we honour this year…

Part 1 here;
see the CPT
Facebook Page
complete profiles.

Seventh day of
Tim Nafziger

  photo by Tim Nafziger

Tim is an avid photographer and
writer (find his work here) who
is unique as one of the few second-generation CPTers in the organization!

He completed peacemaker training in 2003 and has been active in various
capacities for CPT since then.

Tim’s sharp memory, broad intelligence, and genuine
spirit make him an invaluable member of the Peacemaker Corps, especially in his
last five years as Outreach Coordinator and recently as Assistant Director.


photo by Tim Nafziger  

Eighth day of Christmas: Mohamed Salah Mahdi

Mohamed is a
key member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Team. He is a beloved and trusted partner on
the ground in Suleimani. His presence and depth of local knowledge enables the
non-Kurdish members of CPT to understand what is really happening in a given

In 2012 he did a courageous one-man demonstration by holding a sign with a pointed
question during the visit of a prominent politician in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Ninth day of Christmas: Muñeco

  photo by Brit Hanson

joined the CPT Colombia community a year and a half ago. His active and snugly
attitude has played a significant role in the psycho-social care in Barranca.
He has gone to places of the heart where humans have difficulty reaching. His
favourite word is #meow

photo by Jonathan Brenneman  

Tenth day of Christmas: Jonathan Brenneman

Jonathan is
hardcore. He’s been on the Christian Peacemaker
Teams – Palestine
 team since 2011. Being half-Palestinian
and doing peacemaking work, Israel has denied him
the last few times he sought to return to
the West Bank.

He is preparing to challenge this injustice in court,
whilst educating about how denial of entry is part of Israel’s larger plan of occupation
and restriction for Palestinians, and presenting
on CPT Palestine

He continues to address these issues, away from his
teammates in Al-Khalil/Hebron… for the moment.

  photo by Tim Nafziger

Eleventh day of Christmas: Omar Haramy

The only thing taller than 6’5” Omar Haramy are his tales. Listening to
stories of his lifelong struggle for the liberation of Palestine will have you
laughing at one moment and crying the next.

Omar is an Orthodox Christian. His family has a key to the Church
of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, a custodianship held by historic families
that were the first to announce that Jesus was no longer in the grave. 

Through his work with Sabeel,
CPT’s Steering Committee, and many other community organizing roles, Omar’s
life is a witness to the resurrected Christ.

Twelfth day of Christmas: Carol Rose

is a pastor at heart. She has deftly guided the whole of CPT
through the last 10 years, always tending to its spiritual, financial and
physical well-being. 

Entering with a
wealth of field experience from Central America and Southeast Asia, she helped
the organization become firmly committed to a permeating analysis of undoing

She loves to garden, listen and learn new things. 

photo by Tim Nafziger (Carol in centre)  

*Caldwell Manners (CPT-Colombia) contributed the ninth day


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