COLOMBIA: Get ready for Days of Prayer and Action 5-7 April 2014


22 March 2014
COLOMBIA: Get ready for Days of Prayer and Action 5-7 April 2014


Every year, communities across North America come together
in solidarity with our Colombia brothers and sisters in an effort to show
policymakers that they want real change in U.S. and Canadian policy towards
Colombia.  With the Colombian government and the largest guerrilla group,
the FARC, currently engaged in peace negotiations, there is renewed hope for an
end to the war in Colombia.  After
five decades of unspeakable violence, forced displacements, widespread
massacres, threats against unionists and human rights activists, and the
economic and social exclusion of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities, let
us join Colombians in saying it is time for peace.  This year’s Days of
Prayer and Action are April 5-7.

Directly translated, the word “adelante” means “forward.”  “Adelante” can also mean “ahead,” with
the implied desire to move past the current situation to something further on,
to something beyond.  Peace and justice are not static concepts and
neither are the people of Colombia.  With one foot in front of the other,
Colombians are already moving ahead and going forward in the work of peace and
justice throughout the country.  We hope that you will use the resources
below and join with the organizations, churches, and ordinary people in
Colombia in their desire and action to move forward.

¡ADELANTE!  Peace with justice for ALL Colombians!

Dedicate a worship service to peace with justice for all Colombians.  Included are prayers, songs, poems, stories, reflections, and more.  Click here for a bulletin insert to engage your congregati


Join our Colombian sisters and brothers
in moving peace
forward!  This packet
includes three ways YOU can make a

Advocate for a change in US
policy by writing letters to Congress.
Create a display or craft night and what

steps are needed to  finally bring
with justice to Colombia. Demonstrate your
commitment to Colombia with  a public action.

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