AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Settlers attempt construction of new access path at Tel Rumeida


27 March 2014
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Settlers attempt
construction of new access path at Tel Rumeida

Attempt by settlers to begin
construction of walking path on Tel Rumeida.  The blue fence is on the
settlement, and the new stake on
right is in a washed out area that would link the settler path to
an existing
path along the outside of the fence surrounding the settler archaeological dig.

On 24 March 2014, settlers attempted to
begin construction of a walking path outside the fenced “archaeological” dig
near the Abu Haikal home on Tel Rumeida.  The settlers pounded in
metal stakes in an area just below the fence erected by Israelis around what
was once the orchard of the Abu Haikal family, and is now an archaeological
site to which Palestinians, including Palestinian archaeological experts, are
denied access.  The stakes are a first step in an apparent attempt to
link the settlement of Tel Rumeida to the fenced area of the archaeological

Palestinians living in the building
adjacent to the land on which the settlers were trespassing called the police, who
ordered the settlers to stop. 
However, the following day, 25 March, soldiers arrived at the home of
the Abu Haikal family and threatened them with arrest.

 Feryal Abu Haikal had just
finished hosting a group of neighbors, along with the Palestinian Liaison
Officer and an officer from the Hebron Governor’s office, when soldiers arrived
at her home and began to dispute the ownership of some of the land on Tel Rumeida,
showing her a map that contained false information.  The soldiers
told Feryal Abu Haikal that no visitors are allowed on the land surrounding her
home, and threatened to arrest and deport any internationals there, including
members of the Abu Haikal family.

For background on the settler
archaeological dig on Tel Rumeida click here 

To see a map of multiple land-grab
efforts by settlers in Hebron click here.

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