IRAQI KURDISTAN: Update from the Christian Peacemaker Team in Sulaimani


20 June 2014
IRAQI KURDISTAN: Update from the
Christian Peacemaker Team in Sulaimani

In the face of the recent violence in Iraq, the CPT Iraqi Kurdistan
project is doing well.  CPTers are
maintaining a presence there and have been able to accompany and support
Kurdish efforts for justice and peace. 

The violence that started in the north of the country was not
located in the Kurdish region.  From the border between the autonomous
region of Kurdistan and the rest of Iraq, the militant ISIS group has moved
down towards Baghdad.  See Isis road to

Kurdish military forces are located at the border with Iraq
to contend with any possible violence against the Kurdish region.  In addition, they took the control of
Kirkuk—a city of great emotional and political significance to the Kurds.  There are many analyses of how this
violence will affect or not affect the Kurdistan, but nothing is clear at this
point.  It is clear also that the
are many powerful interests behind what is happening in Iraq and what could be
the future of the country: One state? 
Three states?

But the major concern for the people in Iraqi Kurdistan is
the massive influx of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from the south.  An estimated 500, 000 people fled last
week towards Kurdistan—considered the safest place in the country right now. 

The possibility of a U.S. attack, invasion, or support? The
role of Iran and Turkey?  What will
happen in Kurdistan?  Time will

The CPT Kurdistan team will continue monitoring the
situation and evaluating possible courses of action in conjunction with their
partners and advisers in Sulaimani, in case the safety of the region and the
city where CPT is located changes. 

Meanwhile, our team hopes to continue supporting Kurdish
partners in peacebuilding efforts.  The expected humanitarian crisis—given the number of refugees
from Syria and IDPs from within Iraq—will almost certainly take a part of our
attention, as it will knock the doors of the CPT project. 

Links for further reading

What is
happening in Iraq?
written by a Kurd 

 Searching for
safe place in Kurdistan

 – online magazine, considered one of the
“independent” media from the region. 

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for the


  Iraqi Kurdistan team with CPT trainees during training session in Sulaimani February-March 2014

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