AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli military arrests ten-year-old boy, detains two others


13 October 2014
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Israeli military
arrests ten-year-old boy, detains two others

On 12 October 2014, Israeli soldiers threatened two
Palestinian boys—ages six and thirteen—with arrest, charging them with throwing

The Headmaster of Mutanabi School was able to convince the
soldiers not to arrest the six and thirteen year old, telling the soldiers he
would contact the DCO (The liaison between the Palestinian police and the
Israeli military.

However, Israeli soldiers arrested a third boy, age ten,
outside of his home as he was playing on his bike, put him in their military
jeep and took him away.  The
military later released him to the Palestinian Authority police and returned
him to his parents.

An army commander
recently threatened to close Mutanabi School if boys threw one more stone.

2014 10 12 Mutanabi 6 year boy detained (1024x738) 2014 10 12 Mutanabi 13 year boy detained (1024x683) 2014 10 12 Mutanabi 10 year boy arrested (1024x683)[1]
6 year old boy 13 year old boy 10 year old boy

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