COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION: El Guayabo facing eviction tomorrow. Ask Mayor of Puerto Wilches to revoke illegal eviction order.


28 October 2014
COLOMBIA URGENT ACTION:  El Guayabo facing eviction tomorrow.  Ask Mayor of Puerto Wilches to revoke
illegal eviction order.

  Rodrigo López is escorted by ESMAD during the last eviction.

The community of
El Guayabo in the municipality of Puerto Wilches has received information from
a reliable source that the police colonel signed an illegal eviction order to
be executed tomorrow, Wednesday 29 October 2014.  The proper authorities have not notified or made the
community aware of the details of the eviction order and have not guaranteed
the community the presence of the public defender as is mandated in cases such
as these.  On Sunday 26 October,
Mr. Rodrigo López and Mr. Jose Adelmo Caldas (identified by community members
as an a ex-paramilitary) arrived with sixteen police officers in the community
of El Guayabo, threatening eviction, although they brought with them no court

On 15 August, lawyers for the
Colombian National Institution for Rural Development (INCODER) made it clear to
the Mayor of Puerto Wilches that any eviction against the community is
completely illegal as the land is currently under dispute in the federal court

Community members are
understandably scared and angry.  Tomorrow will be the fifth eviction
attempt in a series of irregular, illegal, and sometimes violent efforts to
displace Guayabo farmers on claims of ownership by Rodrigo Lopez Henao.  The last eviction occurred on 26 June 2014, and involved
Colombian riot police using tear gas and pepper spray and causing multiple
injuries to community members.  In
addition to eviction attempts, intimidation tactics have included unofficial
visits by armed off-duty police and threats to community leaders.

Mayor German Duran is the
highest local authority and has the power to intervene in this case.

Sign the Petition

Call the Mayor, Germán Durán

(+57) 7 613 2568

Call Guide:

Good afternoon Mr Mayor,

I am calling as part of/affiliated to the international organization Christian Peacemaker Teams to express my support and concern for the community of Guayabo.  As a human rights observer, I want to demand transparency and justice in the legal process of the land in El Guayabo.

Please stop the planned eviction tomorrow.  INCODER lawyers made it clear to you on August 15th 2014 that all attempted evictions have been illegal because the land is currently undergoing a process of imminent domain.

I am concerned that the police under your supervision have acted in a threatening manner towards the Guayabo community.  On Sunday October 26th, Mr Rodrigo Lopez Henao arrived to Guayabo with sixteen police officers who threatened the community with eviction but when asked, did not have a court order backing up his right to do so.

I will continue to follow this case and hope it can be resolved justly and peacefully.

Call Guide in Spanish:

Buenas tardes Señor Alcalde,

Estoy llamando como parte de/afiliada/o a la organización internacional Equipos Cristianos de Acción por la Paz para expresar mi preocupación y apoyo para la comunidad de El Guayabo. Como observadora/o de derechos humanos quiero exigir transparencia y justicia en el proceso judicial de la tierras de El Guayabo.

Pido que suspende el desalojo para mañana.  Los abogados de INCODER le hizo saber el 15 de agosto que todos los intentos de desalojo han sido ilegales porque la tierra está en este momento en un proceso de extinción de dominio.

Estoy preocupada/o que la policía bajo su supervisión han actuado de una manera amenazante hacia la comunidad de El Guayabo.  El domingo 26 de octubre llegó el Sr. Rodrigo López Henao al predio con 16 policías quienes amenazaron a la comunidad con un desalojo pero cuando la comunidad les preguntó por una orden judicial, no tenían.

Daré seguimiento al caso y espero que se pueda resolver de una manera justa y no-violentaSi


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