AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos 8-14 March 2015


21 March 2015
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos 8-14 March 2015

Below are some of the the CPT Palestine team’s best photos for the week of 8-14 March.  A link to their page, with aids to signing up for their social media is available here.  Be a part of showing the the world the true face of Israel’s military occupation of Palestine.





Pictured here: A young Palestinian girl walking by herself, navigating past one of Israel’s mechanisms of apartheid. At this military checkpoint in Hebron, Palestinians face the constant threat of detention and physical violence. Since December at this checkpoint, the Israeli border police have unleashed hundreds of tear gas canisters and dozens of sound grenades – mostly during periods of time when kids are walking to school.



Pictured here: Israeli border police roaming around the Old City of Hebron, detaining Palestinians on the streets and in Freedom Park, thus restricting freedom of movement and intimidating residents.





Pictured here: Students walking to school through clouds of tear gas on their way to school. Tear gas fumes affect everyone in the neighbourhood, including elderly and infants.





Pictured here: Israeli soldiers detained these happy young men for over two and half hours because one of them, Ahmad, did not have his ID. The soldiers at first allowed us to stand close, then forced us to leave and watch from down the street. Both were released, and Ahmad was told to appear in court later in the week.



Pictured here: Israeli soldiers help an Israeli archaeologist climb into the window of a Palestinian home. ‘Archaeology’ is one of many reasons used by Israel to steal buildings and land from Palestinians.





Pictured here: Israeli soldiers fired seven rounds of tear gas at Palestinian school children at Salimeh Checkpoint. Several schools let out early because of the strength of the tear gas and because soldiers stayed in the area, intimidating children.





Pictured here: We can never forget to live and laugh in the face of oppression, for if we don’t – the oppressors have won.



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