AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos 15-22 March 2015


31 March 2015
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos 15-22 March 2015

What does the Israeli military occupation of Palestine look like, apart from all the analysis and political speeches?  Take a look:





Pictured here: Border police detained, searched and ID checked a woman while children were leaving school. Throughout the ordeal, she refused to back down or lose her humanity, laughing, arguing and talking with her friends. Palestinian sumud at its best. 



Pictured here: An Israeli settler walks past a group of Palestinians who are not allowed to walk up the road – yet this civilian is able to walk around with a machine gun. This is Israel. This is apartheid.



Pictured here: Israeli soldiers disrupted daily life in a neighbourhood in the Hebron old city, demanding IDs and questioning several people. Can you imagine going about your daily movements with such intimidation and disruptions?





Pictured here: A human rights worker with International Solidarity Movement (ISM) holds his hands out to the side, showing he doesn’t intend to be physically confrontational. Immediately he was attacked and arrested. He spent several hours in the jail, being interrogated. After his release, he was banned from Hebron for 15 days.



Pictured here: Israeli soldiers harassed this young boy in the market, surrounding him, interrogating him, and refusing to let him leave. Unfortunately, these intimidation tactics are much too common in Hebron’s old city. 



Pictured here: A Palestinian teacher advocates for a few small children to pass through a road closure, while the Israeli border police cite the young kids as a security risk. The road was closed because of a visit by Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who visited Al Khalil just days before the Israeli election. His unannounced visit resulted in street closures just as school was getting out, further impeding Palestinian freedom of movement.  The other passages to the area of the old city of Hebron – Shuhada Street and around Prayer Road – are only accessible to Israeli Jews and internationals under Israel’s apartheid regime. 



Pictured here: One of our kindergarten friends gave us an orange as a gift, as we walked to school with him and other students past the border police. We love starting our day with smiling faces such as this.

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