AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos, 23-29 September 2015


1 October 2015
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A Week in Photos, 23-29 September 2015


A week of occupation in photos: Click photos for links 
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Holiday Shopping 

Pictured here: A Palestinian boy and his father cover their mouths in response to the clouds of teargas billowing through the busy market place on the day before Eid al-Adha. This was the day of Hadeel al-Hashlamoon’s funeral. As clashes raged all afternoon, Israeli forces fired dozens and dozens of teargas and stun grenades, as well as rubber bullets, into the busy market area of Bab i-Zaweyeh where families were doing their holiday shopping. 



An Aggressive Dog Walk

Pictured here: An Israeli soldier walks a military dog past three Palestinian boys on the weekly settler tour of Hebron’s Old City. Every week settlers and their visitors tour the streets of the Old City, claiming ethno-nationalist ownership, while threateningly flanked by dozens of soldiers, border police and, this week, two dogs. 



Heightened Militarisation  

Pictured here: Palestinian school children and a student walk past an Israeli military jeep. During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, additional Israeli forces and settlers occupy the Old City, meaning a heightened militarisation  of the streets, and increased restrictions for Palestinians. 



Soldier on the Roof 

Pictured here: An Israeli soldier occupies a rooftop in the H1—supposedly PA controlled—area of Hebron. Soldiers on rooftops characterise the visual landscape of Hebron, sending a message of militarised force and authority through a vertical politics of occupation .  



Pear, anyone? 

Pictured here: A Palestinian fruit merchant watches as Israeli forces occupy the streets during clashes in Bab i-Zaweyeh. Such clashes have characterised this market place this week, during the Palestinian holiday of Eid-al-Adha, and the Jewish holidays of Yom Kippur and Sukkot.



A Busy Marketplace 

Pictured here: As clashes rage at Bab i-Zaweyah on the day of Hadeel al-Hashlamoon’s funeral and the day before Eid al-Adha, Israeli soldiers entered the market place to disperse crowds. Yet, to no avail! Crowds surrounded them, and, upon arrival of a skunk water truck, angry shopkeepers appeared to be better at restoring calm than the tools of the Israeli military.   



Love amidst Hate  

Pictured here: Two Palestinian girls smile and make a heart as Palestinians pass through Israeli checkpoints to reach Ibrahimi mosque for Friday prayers. There is so much hatred here in occupied Hebron, but love is also ever present. As Leonard Cohen says “there’s a crack in every thing, that’s how light gets in”. 



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