AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 1-7 October 2015


9 October 2015
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 1-7 October 2015


A week of occupation in photos: Click photos for links 
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Going Home from School  

Pictured here: A Palestinian student returning home from school encounters the Israeli military in the Palestinian market of Hebron’s Old City.



Israeli Border Police Ready with Teargas

Pictured here: School children passing through this checkpoint regularly face teargas and sound grenades fired by the Israeli military in response to stones thrown by a few youths. On this day the Israeli forces fired thirty-five teargas shells in the morning and forty-six in the afternoon as children went to and from school.



Israeli Settlers celebrate the end of Sukkot  

Pictured here: These settlers, whose settlements are illegal under International Law, danced and sang up and down Shuhada Street.  Military orders prevent Palestiniansfrom walking on Shuhada Street, although it is the main street in the Old City of Hebron. During Jewish festivals the movement restrictions on Palestinians and checkpoint closures increase. 



A Week of Clashes 

Pictured here: An image from clashes at the major checkpoint separating Shuhada St. from the downtown area of Hebron. Daily clashes have continued week throughout Palestine, including Hebron, as physical violence has escalated. 



Israeli Settlers Stop Palestinian Workers 

Pictured here: Palestinian workers rehabilitating shops near Shuhada Street are stopped by Israeli settlers, who are intent on driving Palestinians out of the area. The Israeli police protected the workers from the settlers but ordered them to stop their work. 



Skunk Water 

Pictured here: During clashes in Hebron, Israeli forces enter and clear the Palestinian market in H1. This part of Hebron is under the legal control of Palestinian Administration, and the Israeli military—under the Hebron Accords—has no legal right to enter.



Enjoying a Safe Place to Learn 

Pictured here: Palestinian kindergarten children on a swing. CPTers accompany these children to and from school daily past two Israeli checkpoints.




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